XE-CKC (Circuit Checker) is a set of higher complexity, native design checker that acts as a design reviewer. It performs a variety of circuit analysis that are critical to designing the high value, high performance VLSI chips. Examples of those checks are following:
    • Static race check — Gate-count based race among latches and flops
    • Signal phase relation check — Inconsistent driver-receiver signals among latches, flops, dynamic gates
    • Scan-chain connectivity check — Discontinuity in scan-in to scan-out chain
    • Dynamic gate charge-sharing noise check — Reports any nets with charge-sharing noise exceeding the tolerance while checking the ratio of the "internal nmos network capacitance“. It considers the complementary and exclusive relations among the input node when calculating noise.


Following circuit shows the example of Charge Sharing for XE-CKC:

xe_ckc charge sharing image

Blue Line is an internal precharge net.
Red Line is a virtual ground net.